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A Love Bottle For Your Happiness
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The Feeling...
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Three eBooks !!
Water for Wellbeing
Water is the Source Of Life...Mind, Body and Soul
Water SOS
Knowledge is Power
Water Facts 
We Need Water
These eBooks And
Your Love Bottle
for only $47
Your Companion
Your Beloved Friend...
The Love Bottle:
  • Has a Double Vacuum insulated wall to keep drinks cold or hot with no sweating on the outside.
  • ​Has a Large opening for adding Ice Cubes.
  • ​​Preserves the Crisp Loving Taste of Your Water.
  • Has No lining or inside coating, BPA free and non leaching.
  • ​​​Is Made of 304 high quality stainless steel which has no harmful chemicals and is more mold-resistant and bacteria-resistant.
  • ​Is more Sustainable, Reusable and Recyclable.
  • ​Has a Screw lid and flip nozzle for easy drinking.
  • Can be used as a drinking cup.
  • ​Has a 500ml Capacity.
So Simple, Yet Effective
And Energizing.
Experience the benefits of
positive thoughts.
Comes with Three eBooks.
Life's Challenges
Your Mind
So much time is spent thinking and planning success for the one and only reason ... to create Happiness, but yet it is known that this success will not give you that special Happiness!!
How much time in the day do you actually have to think about Love and Happiness so it can be created?
Subconsciously it is known that Happiness and Love comes from within.
Take a small step in a new direction now ... Change will happen!!
Your Body
Headaches, feeling fatigued, anxiety and stress is sometimes caused by dehydration.
Quite often hunger pains can be confused with a lack of Water. 
Are you too busy to drink your eight glasses of water each day?
Remember Tea and Coffee has a reverse effect on your body's water.
Your Time
Today everyone is time poor. 
Busy trying to make ends meet and create wealth.
Caught up in this aging capsule and just don't know how to get out of it.
Sweating the big stuff and not realizing that it's the small and simple steps that creates change from within.
Just Imagine
What it would be like if you:
Could Feel Healthy with more Energy!!
Had a more Relaxed Mind!!
Experience Happiness everyday!!
Your Love Bottle!
Be Loved
Be In Love

Love The Water
Stay Hydrated

Be Energized
Be Happy
Get Your Love Bottle Today
Water Is The Most Receptive Element.
If Thoughts Can Do That To Water, Just Imagine What Thoughts can do to you...
Get your Love Bottle and try it...
Water For Wellbeing
Water Is The Source Of Life...
Mind, Body and Soul.
'Water For Wellbeing' eBook comes with the Love Bottle.
Knowledge Is Power
Water SOS could save your life !!
Get Your copy when you Buy the Love Bottle.
Water Facts
We Need Water
How much water do we loose through breathing?
How much water does it take to make a can of beer?
Plus more in 'Water Facts'
Get your copy with your Love Bottle.
Enjoy Drinking Water!
Feel the Benefits of being fully Hydrated at all times.
Enjoy the special taste from Your Love Bottle.
Feel the positive effects.
Enjoy every moment.
Remember you have it all inside you....
With your Love Bottle, you can make it shine.

- Aadil Waja
Here's a Recap of
  • Love Bottle:   Stainless Steel 500ml  ($65 Value)
  • Water For Wellbeing eBook:    Water is the Source of Life  ($19 Value)
  • Water SOS eBook:   Knowledge is Power  ($12 Value)
  • Water Facts eBook:    We Need Water  ($9 Value)
Total Value:  $105
Today, You're Getting All This...
For Only $47
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